fuck this movie was so cool.

fuck this movie was so cool.

just gonna start smoking weed everyday again. clear solution.


this is a goddamn sweet blog. read it if you give a fuck about good stuff.

they’re fucking with me subliminallyyy

i’m gonna go to my room and just wait for my body to die.

why fuck self defense family? did they do something personally to you? or you just dont enjoy their tunes? not punk enough for ya?

whatever. i was bored and was saying fuck this, that and the other thing. i deleted most of the other ones. i didn’t tag it, so i have no idea how it even got to the band’s tumblr. i included them because of their seemingly endless criticisms of bands i like, such as the Ramones or Iceage. anyone who says the Ramones only have “1.5 good songs” really sucks. despite owning a studded jacket, half the time i listen to shoegaze or Pink Floyd. amazing right? i’m also not embarrassed by my face, even though i’m apparently supposed to be.